1. So what exactly is Cannons Lasers Rockets?

Cannons Lasers Rockets is a free-to-play multiplayer arcade space game. That includes PvP and Co-Op (PvE) gameplay with a strong accent on player-versus-player and team-versus-team combat.Cannons Lasers Rockets provides 2D spaceship combat in 3D environment. We have wide variety of combat roles fitting different playing styles. Players can select one of many starships that is best suited for them and further customize it with gear and ammo so that it will look and feel more personalized. Any pilot can take part in PvP and Co-op PvE missions, be accepted into clans or participate alone. Later players can change ships to explore other combat styles, not beginning a new but advancing over what they already have.

2. How is the game different from similar but bigger titles?

Cannons Lasers Rockets is not about exploration, building empires or leading large fleets into strategically-organized battle. It’s about those other little things that are fun.Nobody really knows what «realistic» space combat looks like — so why not try a different route? We have found a lot of other space combat games lacking energy and drive, and we want to bring to the genre those much needed clarity, simplicity and joy. After all, there’s enough games you can play if you want macro-economy or politics, but clearly not enough games where you can shoot a laser at your opponent’s starship and make it explode.

3. When will the game be released?

We continue working on the game features and are planning to open early access on Steam this winter.

4. Is there any more info on the game?

Surely: we’ve got plenty of it!

If you have any questions about the game, please write to our contact address