Build 1955


52382ef2d0519Right to the point: now you can change your control scheme on the Options screen! Yeah, it was pretty weird on our part not to do it right from the beginning. But you know what? I think you can’t remap controls on a real spaceship, every knob and lever there do what they’re supposed to do and are not interchangeable. What I’m saying is — we’ve been just as good as an actual starship up until this point, and now we got BETTER. Also I’m pretty sure real starships don’t shoot lasers. Yet. But one can hope. Until that bright future comes — launch the game, make the controls more to your liking and blow something up!

Changes for the build 1955:
as we said above, you can now customize controls in the Options menu;
we added EULA to the game client, in case you’re one of those people who read EULAs;
We changed pack of free-ships. Now Doomseeker, Predator, Sherer and Seeker are available for everyone;
Transplantation (Parasite’s technology) now works properly;
few other bugfixes and optimisations were made.


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